AC300 with the D050S 500?

Does the BLUETTI DC Charging Enhancer D050S 500W work with the AC300/B300? Does using it deduct from what you can input on the two solar inputs?

Hi @TSnow , D050S does not support connecting to AC300 and is only compatible with the full AC200 series, EB150/240 series, and B230/300 expansion batteries.
When it is connected to the AC200 series, it transfers the power that should be generated by the adapter to the PV by occupying the AC input of the machine, allowing the host to accept other DC input sources connected to the D050S. When connected to the B230/B300, it provides PV input capability for the B230 and more PV input capability for the B300.
The following is the user guide of D050S, you can refer to it