AC300 with BougeRV 200W panels

Is anyone using BougeRV 200W 12V 9BB rigid Solar panels with the AC300? If so, please let me know your configuration or if you have had any issues. Thanks!

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I have two of the panels. These are my observations.

Packaging is substandard. The box is a single layer of cardboard. The panels have corner “protectors” and a thick cardboard insert to shield the glass. Both of my panels arrived with the cartons partially open. There was damage to the aluminum frames as well as superficial scratches to the white insulating layer on the backside of one panel. Rouge blamed FedEx for improper handling, but that’s BS; their packaging is just not up to the task. I suspect Rouge knows this because they never offered to file a claim with FedEx—a claim FedEx would likely deny due to the overall poor protection of the contents. Rouge offered a minimal refund for me to keep the panels but I was able to negotiate a better deal.

This is why “protector” was in quotes above.

Output in series generally falls below the 35V PV threshold required by the EB200 (~31V). Luckily that 35V is not a hard limit because the PV input is recognized and charging is possible. One caution: My unit’s DC input was set to Car Mode, not PV. I got an overvoltage alarm when I first connected the panels. Be sure to check this setting first if your AC300 has it.

Charging input has peaked at 326W under a mostly clear sky (some high haze). I hope for better with perfectly clear conditions but I have yet to test under that scenario.

The panels perform satisfactorily but just barely. If I had it to do over again, I would choose another vendor with sturdier shipping containers and I would opt for 24V panels instead of 12V. Hope this helps.

Ty for your question! I’m also looking for the best panels to go with (1)AC300 with (1)B300. Now I’m marking BougeRv off that list! I am also thinking the 24V panels would be closest…