AC300 with 2xB300 batteries and 4 x 100 watt panels. solar isnt charging my batteries mabe a few percentage a day even though good PV numbers

Im getting good PV numbers on my AC300 however my batteries are not charging as good as they used to only a few % per day even though they is very little items plugged in? also the batteries discharge rate is 10-15 % difference with the batteries? and I’m not able to update my BMS currently at version 1014.13. I’ve tried full discharge, and turning it off and on. it was working great a few months ago… it would fully charge my batteries very good. I’m wondering if it was the last update?

@bluetti_onenayshunhotmailcom Did you connect the solar panels in series and make sure all of them are under the full sunshine and PV mode is on? And could you please provide me with the SN of the AC300 and the firmware version of all batteries?

Hi yes all 4 solar panels are in series and under full sun. It was charging really good a few months ago… but now even though im getting better sun, not charging very good at all only a few percentage per day. Pv mode is on. Sn: 2211001177276 and my 2 batteries are BMS version is 1014.13. I tried to update, but just says no new version available

@bluetti_onenayshunhotmailcom We have sent you the software, please update the BMS of both batteries to 101416 (connect AC300 and B300 one by one).

thank-you for the quick reply i just downloaded bms updates right now. now I’m charging it up to 100% then see if it corrects issues. I will keep posted. thank-you again

@bluetti_onenayshunhotmailcom I’m glad to help you. Looking forward to your update.

thankyou the batteries are draining 1% apart now much better thankyou

@bluetti_onenayshunhotmailcom Glad to hear that. Thank you for your update.