ac300 with 2x b300 and 4x 100 watt solar panels

hi I’m getting good sun, and my pv is showing solar input. but the batteries are only getting charged when i get over 200 watts of pv coming in. if there is less then 200watts, the batteries show its in a state of “standby” is this normal?

@bluetti_onenayshunhotmailcom This is normal.
If the PV input voltage is higher than a certain value, it will show “charging”, and if it is lower than that, it will show “standby”. But the machine is charging.
Is your AC300 carrying any devices at the same time?

There’s also the unit’s internal power consumption that must be offset. It’s particularly higher with AC out activated (this feature alone drains 1kWh to 1.5kWh per 24/h).

I roughly measured that my unit (AC300) wouldn’t really charge, even without AC out ON, unless I get more than 75-100W of solar input.

It’s a big, powerful device. See the AC out being ON as a car engine idling. It could drain anywhere from 30cl fuel to more than a liter per hour for simply being on. Same with an inverter.

AC300 is big and powerful, and allows 2.4kW of input power. It’s probably better, if possible, to feed it with at least 20 to 25% of its maximum input IMHO.