AC300 Wireless charging

I laid 2 iPhones with glass backs on top of AC300 wireless charger, but it didn’t charge. Was there a step or switch that I missed to turn on?

Did you turn on the DC power button?

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I will do that and get back to you?

You’re advised was correct! It’s my first time and the manual was horrible! Customer service was zero response! And the PV200 solar panel leg stand can’t support the weight, lays flat on the ground! The multifunctional charging cable for the solar panels was too short from outside to inside where the AC300-B300 has been placed. Send advise if you may. Thank you! Chari

Since this is the third post you have made mentioning your panels won’t stand up, perhaps you could include a photo of your set up to determine why your panels wont stand up while all the other PV200 panels will. It could be a simple operator error issue but that is unknown since you will not provide any detail enabling someone to advise.