AC300 - will my current panel set up work?

I have three separate strings of 1000 watts each coming into the house. They generally run around 90V-105V each it seems.

Can I connect two of these sets to an AC300 without having to reconfigure the panels?

And are the bugs worked out of the AC300 system or are there current issues that need attention yet?

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The AC300 can accept 2 separate input of up to 150V, using a max of 12A. So yes, if you are sure the max voltage of those strings is less than 150v on the coldest days, you can plug them right in and it would work. Actually, you may want to parallel 2 of them together into one of the AC300 input. So one input will have one string, and another will have 2 strings connected in parallel. Doing so will give you more power in less ideal conditions. You capability will exceed 12A, but it won’t do any harm and the until will only draw 12A.

I thought it would work - thanks for confirming that. And that is an awesome idea of adding more!

If I connected all of them and had 3000 watts hooked up we’d almost run the whole house! Now I want more batteries - this could get expensive quick!