AC300 - when I turn AC ON, the B300 batteries go from "Charge" to "Standby"

I have an AC300 and three B300 batteries - they are all working fine and connected properly. I have two Bluetti solar panels (350 and 450). I am getting 422w PV input and and drawing 165w from the AC.

If I have the AC OFF - the batteries charge from the PV input - and they read “Charge” in the Bluetti phone app

If I have the AC ON - the batteries don’t charge - and they read “Standby” in the Bluetti phone app

How do I set it up so the batteries charge while I use the AC300 power?

@MrDanger Please try factory reset.


I did that, but it resets the system to Standard UPS - which doesn’t allow PV (solar panel) and AC charging at the same time you are using battery power.

I figured it out… I needed to change the system to PV Priority UPS (which allows both PC and AC charging, while drawing battery power).

@MrDanger I’m glad that your problem was solved. If you have further question, feel free to ask me.