AC300 - What it's capable of doing

So guys I know the majority of this forum is us complaining, looking for help and advice, so it always looks bad for the AC Series… but there are many owners, including myself, that are running a full scale system and have for the most part worked out our issues or found work-arounds.

Therefore I wanted to share what I’ve share on the facebook forums…

Pushing the limits of my two AC300’s, these units have powered 50% of my home and provided my home with over 665 kilowatts of power over the last month running nearly 24/7 around the clock!

To my surprise I have been able to run 5 freezers, a fridge, washing machine, sump pump, garbage disposal, furnace (air handler), portable air conditioner, dish washer, microwave and provide basic power to multiple rooms: kitchen, den and two bedrooms! A good portion of these items are able to run at the same time with no issues and I’m able to use my house normally as if the grid was attached!


Just wondering how you get those statistics? That’s a third party app right?

Yes, I have a Emporia Vue2 installed in my transfer switch. So I’m able to see everything that the two AC300’s are sending down to all my circuits in my transfer switch.

That’s really neat. I would like something to tie into my home automation.

Unfortunately it’s cloud based so all data has to be sent to their servers on the internet first and then viewed on the app. It’s very off-putting from a privacy and security point of view.

Also, in the future if that company ceases to exist or if they want to charge you to view your own data, they can easily do that.

It’s a shame since I like the look of the app. I guess I need to keep looking.

IotaWatt’s meter is the only one I found that wasn’t cloud based and you could store your own data. However I only am using my system to clearly understand my loads and balance my system. It’s been great for troubleshoot, as I go back in time to a problem area and see what cause the issue.

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Thanks! I’ll take a look into that

That is a great breakdown. Thanks for sharing.
I just know I power “stuff” in my house for a bit every day.
I have 10 circuits that feed all my 110 power in my house. No 240v stuff.
I may need to look into a monitoring system.

Does it automatically id the “nodes” on the circuit by signature? Like Microwave, lamp, coffee pot etc.?

It does not, and I didn’t like the system that do. There many complaints of the systems that automatically identify electronics as not working, find one item but not the other… thus why I went with this one.

I bought it now I need to get it installed

make sure you pay attention which way the CT clamps go, or you’ll get bad readings. Also make sure you note which port, numbered on the back of the unit, each circuit is plugged into… makes things easier when you setup in the app.

Hello thank you for the great info. I am new and looking for information on doing what you have accomplished, I have an ac300 and two b300 battery’s . now i a looking for the size wire to use to charge off of solar panels. I will have to use portable ones for now. maybe later put some on the roof. what type panels and how much wattage do you have to recharge?
and thank you in advance for your help.