Ac300 vs ep500 pro

Looking to see if anyone knows the advantages and disadvantages between the two. Personally thinking of the ac300 more due to modular, and battery expansion. Both stations have the power I’m looking for, but does one have a specific use case over another?

Mine is for an RV, looking to power mini fridge and microwave.

Simple answer, one is portable and the other is not. Ep500pro weight is over 170 lbs. Ac300 , you must carry a battery with it. I bought the AC200max because it is inside the unit and I can carry an extra battery when needed. AC300, you would need two batteries if you want an extra spare.

Hey is for horses. Jk. Thanks for the reply, I think you may be right. But it seems so odd to have competing products like that. The ep has wheels… Which is nice I guess… But for 170lb, you would think there’s something extra to it. From what I been reading on, it seems there’s two inverters which reduces less battery usage? :thinking: