AC300 Voltage in european configuration

Hello you all,
I am french and I hope my english will be good enough
I have tested the voltage of my AC300 by connecting a plug, so I am in AC Output
I see on one wire 117 Volts and the other one 114 Volts with a multimeter testing with exterior ground wire
So I deducted that there is no neutral wire and both wires are electrical phase (L)
Is my AC300 is correct it is to say that you see the same thing on your AC300
I am in France so we have 230 Volts not like in USA
But perhaps you have the same split on wires in USA for a total of 120 volts
Thanks for your answer and best regards

@Mathieu La machine a un fil neutre. Comme notre machine a une masse flottante, la mesure de la tension du fil neutre est normale.

The machine has a neutral wire. As our machine is floating ground, so the measurement of the neutral wire has voltage is normal.

Voulez-vous dire que ma machine est ok d’après mes mesures ?


@Mathieu Oui, il n’y a aucun problème. N’hésitez pas à utiliser