AC300 UPS with Main use of PV and Grid if battery not full before sundown

I have some solar panels installed and are using AC300 as a UPS. It is plugged into solar panels and into the AC grid. I was hoping to have everything I have plugged into it run on solar during the solar hours of the day and off of the grid if it’s available or if the grid is not available the battery at night. Not sure how to accomplish this using the UPS functionality.

When I change it to PV Priority UPS mode it seems as if it just runs off of the battery not sure if it uses solar and does not ever using the grid and the battery seems to get depleted .

When I have it changed to UPS mode it seems as if it runs solely off of the grid and does not use any the the PV power.

How do I get my AC300 to basically run off of solar panels most of the time for battery charging and running the load and only use the ACGrid if it’s running too low on battery power?

This is my understanding of the ac300.
You don’t really run directly off of solar. You can use solar or the grid to charge the battery. Then you run off the battery or run through the ac300 using grid power as maybe some kind of pass through. You are still limited to the ac300 inverter capacity and ability.

I think the ups time control mode may help you. It has various settings to control when you charge, when to discharge using battery, when to shut down and at what capacity to charge using grid/solar.

I think the standard ups mode is meant to have the ac300 run off the grid all the time and only use battery backup if the grid is unavailable.

Reviewing page 28 of the ac300 manual will give more info. Not much detail but some explanation of parameters. I was just talking with another person on another thread from this forum this morning and yesterday that might help. The thread title is running my house on batteries at night.

It would be nice if Bluetti support would create a YouTube video to explain the various ways how to use the ac300.

thanks for the help I am reading that thread you were part of now

I put out a new post on actual AC300 UPS testing and experiences that might help you.