AC300 Uneven charging and discharging batteries

Hey, everybody.
My AC300 unevenly charges and discharges the additional B300 batteries. My settings on the AC300 unit are SOC low 20% and SOC high 80%. Yet the AC300 unit is charging one battery at 82% and the other at 79%. When I turn off the power source, the battery that has SOC 79% is discharging and the other battery that has SOC 82% is charging?
Does anyone have a similar experience?
Is there any way to fix this?
Thank you very much.

Hi @Franta , Charging and discharging is determined by the voltage of the battery and not the SOC value. A battery with a high value of your SOC may have a lower voltage and will go into charging. Please don’t worry when this happens, it is the BMS system is acting.