AC300 turn AC output OFF once a week

Hello, I have an AC300 + B300. I would like to charge from the grid during the day and discharge to 44% at night. It is designed to use the PV that feeds into the grid and serve as a UPS. Once a week he turns off AC output. I can’t explain that. Which actually shouldn’t be at all.
In the 7 months with standard UPS this never happened.
The AC output was only switched off once a week with the UPS time control setting.
At the time before the Power AC Off was 215W AC input and 177W AC output. Battery was at 100%
ECO is Off

@eisenberg188 I want to know if the AC output is OFF once a week, whether it is a fixed time or an indeterminate time, and whether there is any error when it is off. Can you check the historical error information and let me know?

It’s always at a different time. At noon or in the evening.
Where can I find the errors or error list?

@eisenberg188 Here you can see it

There are no Errors in the list

There’s another “Error List,” under “Data,” I think, on the touchscreen. Mine once showed a bunch of gibberish yet the main screen Alarm was clear.

Have you tried “PV Priority” mode, where you set the minimum SoC to start battery charging? There’s a bar where you slide your finger along, from 0 to 100%.
It will run in off-grid mode all day and night, with automatic recharging when the PV panels start producing power. At night, if the batteries fall to whatever you set SoC to, it will start drawing Grid power to keep them at that level.

Hello, I read the errors.
Error code 015, every time. I have not connected to DC input (nor output).
015 High DC input voltag

I have no solar panels conectes and no DC input.

@eisenberg188 I’m sorry. Our technician can’t confirm the problem. If there is no DC input, I think there is a problem with AC300. How about changing the UPS mode to standard UPS to test?

I had the device in UPS standard mode for 6 months without any problems. Now again, because the error occurs with UPS and SoC timing.

@eisenberg188 I mean if now you switch it to standard UPS mode, did AC300 turn AC output OFF once a week again? If this does not happen after the switch, it should be a software problem, and our R&D can check it out. If the error is still reported after changing it back, it may be the problem of AC300.

In standard UPS mode the problem was never. After the 2nd failure in SoC timing mode, I switched to standard UPS mode. Then, after I was back in the house, after further checks, I switched back to SoC timing mode. The error was there again the same day or the following day. Since then I’ve been driving in standard UPS mode again.
The server, internet connection, refrigerators and freezers are connected to the AC outlet. So I no longer switch to SoC timing mode when I’m on the road

@eisenberg188 Kindly provide me with SN and the firmware version of AC300 and B300. Thank you.

AS300 SN: 2231000366761
DSP 4036.07
ARM 4037.05
HMI 6035.05
I havn´t found anything from B300

@eisenberg188 Thank you. I also need the BMS version of your B300. You can follow the below steps: Home page→Data→Product info→Next