AC300 touchscreen will not turn on

I just got my new AC300 today. I plug in the B300 to the AC300 and turn the AC300 on. The touchscreen stays black. I touch the screen many different places and nothing happens, screen is black. I tried upluging the B300 and AC300 and checking position on the cable at both ends when I plug it back in, Nothing happens. Screen is black. Moved cable to different ports, no change. Plug in the AC wall into ac300, power button turns green, screen still black.

Uncle, what is wrong?

Any chance you haven’t engaged the sliding cable locks all the way? On my AC500 I won’t get a screen unless they are all locked.

I did it four or five times locking and unlocking.

How about the B300, does the power button light up when pressed? Usually it will ship with about a 60% charge which would be about 3-4 of the status lights lit up.

Yes it lights up when I press the button. When I turn on the AC300 button, it lights up and the B300 lights up too. When I press the AC300 button to turn it off, the B300 light goes off and about 15 second later the AC300 lights goes off.

Sounds like its working as it should so I’m still suspecting the locks on the cable might have something to do with it. Maybe the cable is defective.

Hi @hey , If it has been confirmed that the battery connection cable is locked, the display is still not energized. Then it may be a problem with the internal parts of the screen and you need to contact the support department to register a return for repair.

I have connected the support team but have not heard from them…
Here are the pictures of the blank screen and cables.

Yes the battery connection cable is locked. My order number is US52223 Harlan Yother, Can you send a replacement so I can use the box to send this bad unit back?
Thank you.

Hi @hey , We have helped you to urge the support department to let them process your email as soon as possible. Due to the surge of orders on Black Friday, please kindly wait for a reply from the support department, thank you very much for your support and understanding!

Thank you for the help, they connect me today.

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