AC300 to Transfer Switch

Yes. My system is set for grid charging with PV priority set for 30% and set with 15A input power.
Woke up this morning with batteries running at 30% and grid power proving power to my stuff hooked up.
I am still hooked up to my transfer switch. Currently running 4 of 10 circuits.

I do believe there is a physical difference in the hardware that firmware alone may not fix.
I would like @BLUETTI to step up and let us know. They may be afraid of too many RMAs if the say anything.

I ordered my AC300 on 13 July and it has DSP version 4031.09, will I be able to upgrade to 4031.11 since I’m planning doing Split-Phase operation charging from the grid and also feeding my emergency circuits via my Generac HomeLink 8654 Manual Transfer Switch input from my Fusion box? Ordered my other AC300 on 31 July and hope it will have this new firmware version.

My latest one came with the main train 4031.09. I received it yesterday. I would guess your new one will come with that too.
It would be interesting to see if you have any high voltage type alerts with your current one or the new one when it arrives.
You can do a simple test by turning off grid input power then turning it back on. Mine are connected to dedicated circuits in my panel. you can also just unplug and plug back in your unit(s).
I would also guess that both your AC300 will be the (unconfirmed) newer hardware versions and will work well.
Good luck, keep us posted.

When you get everything setup and if you have issues I can request for them to send you the 4031.11 to see if it resolves your issues… but i don’t think they’ll release without you having an issue up-front

I’m glad that it’s working for you. I would suspect that you’re not hitting the AC300 hard enough to see the grid issue with surge loads when in split phase mode.

I’m not sure if you’re on the facebook forum, but I just posted that I’ve pushed 665 kilowatts through my system in the last month… so I’m pretty sure I’m one of the few who are really pushing the system to what they are capable of doing. I just sent support a new video yesterday showing that I can push the AC300’s much further when they are not connected to the grid and as soon as grid is enabled the system is unable to handle the same loads. My goal is to help them identify root cause so we can fully benefit from grid charging with no issues.

I am sure I am not putting any surge type load on my system as you are. Everything I am running is 110V and the biggest surge would be freezer or fridge. But they don’t seem to surge much. I have not hooked up a meter to test.

I don’t do the book of faces. Sorry I did not see your posts.
Keep pushing the Beta Testing :slight_smile:
I am sharing here to help with that process too.

Hello all, I am on my third replacement of the AC300. Received my third one on Thursday, August 4.
This morning Saturday at 7am my batteries (3 B300’s) were at 30% and being charged by grid. Left the house a 8:30am, came back a 1:30pm, I am in “PV Priority”. When I got home the unit was in alarm, 025 AC Relay Short Circuit and 026 AC Relay Open Circuit. The unit was not allowing Solar to charge so O watts coming in on a sunny day. The grid was not charging and the AC output was off. One battery was down to 14%, (2) 27% and (3) 27%. The load at the time way my refrigerator and a LED light. Turned breaker off to AC plug feeding AC300 grid. Cleared the alarms PV
started charging, but the AC output did not turn on. Had to manually turn on though menu. How can you put critical on the unit and trust it will be on when you return.
What a big disappointment!!!

The older unit had miswiring, the hot and ground was reversed. You can verify if that not the issue by checking with ohm meter.

Perhaps the reason some having big problems. Hot neutral not good or safe.

I bought my ac200max just recently and test all okay so far. Never intended to use for UPS at home.

If I needed something like that, I would go with Victron multiplus. In the end it can be cheaper, depending on the size. I thinking of installing one for my RV 30amp shorepower. As i already have the lifepo4 battery bank.

I finally got everything setup to power my Generac HomeLink Manual Transfer switch with my Dual AC-300 x 4B300 setup in Split-Phase mode using the Bluetti AC Fusion Box. I connected my NEMA L14-30P (the one that allows for 240V) to my L14-30R receptacle on my Generac HomeLink. I activated the AC out function on the master AC300 unit and the generator light on my HomeLink Panel lit up (good so far - power getting to the panel), but then I pressed the rocker switch on the HomeLink panel towards the generator side to energize my emergency circuits from the AC300’s in Split-Phase via the 240V port on the AC Fusion Panel and crazy things started happening at the manual transfer switch - multiple breakers popped, then I got a buzzing sound from the panel and when I looked at the AC300 AC output load indication it showed power leaving the AC300.

I did this exact same test, but this time using my Gas Generator as the power input to the Generac HomeLink Panel instead of the AC300’s by connecting the generator L14 30Amp output port (that can power 120/240V) and everything worked perfectly, the Generator Light came on, I moved rocker switch towards Generator position and all emergency circuits were powered by the Generator without any breakers popping or panel buzzing - so what is going on here?

Am I using the wrong output port on the AC Fusion Panel? Should I have used the NEMA TT-30 port instead?

Just looking for some feedback from someone with a similar setup with AC300’s.