AC300 Teardown (Disassembly) Guide

I found a YouTube guide on how to teardown (disassemble) the Bluetti AC300 Power Station. Warning: this is a full teardown, so if you just want to look inside, be careful doing each step and stop when you reach a step that may be confusing or non-returnable to its original working condition.

Here is the YouTube video: Bluetti AC300 Teardown Guide - YouTube

I have attempted to open up my own AC300 so I may post pictures later here of my own unit ( I commented at the YouTube page).

I might do the same for the B300 battery in the future.

Hi @Raymondjram , thanks for your sharing.
However, it needs to be clarified that BLUETTI does not recommend disassembling the machine by yourself. And once the machine is disassembled, the warranty will be automatically void.

Yes, I know that any disassembly will void the warranty. But I know that there are some who may risk that to gather knowledge. In my case, I have a AC300 unit that is out of warranty since it was replaced months ago and isn’t functional due to a damaged BMS, so I can tear it down. There maybe others with a similar situation.

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I found a different teardown video on YouTube:

It begins with an evaluation and testing of the AC500. At 38:32 the AC500 teardown and inspection begins up to 48:00 where the B300S teardown begins up to 53:56 where it ends, Here is a great view of the B300S insides which is similar to the B300, except for larger conductors and the heating circuit. The LFP cells are only 6 Ah each, so there must be a 10P16S setup for the full 3072 kWh capacity (10 x 6 = 60 Ah) x (3.2 x 16 = 51.2 V).

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