AC300 simultaneously throwing error 025 and 026

New error. 004, Battery over voltage. AC300 shut itself off.
To fix I Turned off main external breaker to remove the AC load, cleared the AC300 error, turned AC power on at the AC300, turned main breaker back on and all seems to be working fine.
These errors are getting annoying. I thought this system would be more reliable.

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This is from grid power. This happened to me (at my house) while I was camping (away from house :frowning: ). Of course had to have someone reset the error and turn power back on (Like a remote hands).
@BLUETTI It would be nice to be able to reset from app.
I am now looking at a surge protection device for input from grid. Looking at Siemens breaker type device for power panel. I have 2 AC300s but both are currently running in single phase and set to 7A for charging because I did not want a problem while camping. These units are still problematic. Glad we continue to be beta testers.
@twister36 what are you using for surge protection? What are others using?

I’m using the Hughes 50amp Power Watch Dog:

I had a, no longer needed, RV surge protector (50A) similar the Hughes unit @twister36 is using.
I connected it between my 30A 240v wall outlet and the AC (grid) input to the AC300 Y power cable using a couple dog-bone adapters.
I have not seen a 025 /026 error since. Been three days which is a long time for me without an error.
It was more cost effective for me to repurpose the Surge protector and buy the adapters.
But I would use the Siemens breaker / protector if I did not already have the RV surge protector.
I may still do the breaker later as it will work for whole house.

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Glad to hear… this then sound like you are getting voltage surges in your home… it’s pretty common, but you may be experiencing larger spikes than normal.

Another fault, this time “Grid relay failure” and my AC output turned off. Trouble is, I am 1000 miles away and won’t be back for a week. Which means no power to the refrigerator or air conditioning. Begining to wonder if Bluetti was a poor choice. This AC300 isn’t as reliable as I had hoped. And since it cannot be reset remotely, which adds to the frustration. If I could turn the AC power back on, that would be great. Maybe it is my unit and time to start taking warranty replacement?

Hi @tpkidd3 , Is the AC output not working right? Is there a 011 012 error code please?

According to the app AC is not working. I can confirm this because my minisplit is connected to wifi and it is offline. Currently I am across the country so the only error I can see is what’s reported in the app. It says “Grid relay failure”.

Hi @tpkidd3 , Can you try to reboot the AC300, reopen the AC on the screen to see if it still shows “Grid relay failure”?

I don’t believe there is a way to do that remotely. It will have to wait until I return the the property.
Is there any plans to enable some level of remote administration?

I don’t know for sure about the AC300. With the AC200MAX on the app I can power the unit off.

If it’s then connected to solar and some voltage is coming in it will power back on.

If it’s dark it will power back on in the morning when it starts charging.

@BLUETTI said in another thread that they were working on a feature that allows us to clear the codes from the App. That was 2 months ago. PLEASE add this feature ASAP, Bluetti

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@BLUETTI yes, please. lets have that option in the app!!!

Hi @wtytke @StingerZ16 , Received, we have submitted the app update proposal again.

UPDATE: Just noting when the AC300 shows errors 025 and 026, the app shows Grid Relay Failure.

Hope this is helpful to other in the same situation as me.


2 months in and still not fixed. Bluetti tech/customer support is completely overwhelmed. 2 weeks ago we agreed to replace the defective AC300 but Bluetti hasn’t followed through with how we do that. I am loosing confidence in this support system. Question to the community: Is it time to give up, work out the logistics of returning my entire Bluetti setup (AC300+2B300+assorted accessories) and find another product to meet our needs? Or do we stick it out and hope Bluetti gets better? Would love to hear other’s opinions. Thanks.

Keep your hopes up with Bluetti. Mike and Helen have both helped me many times, and one of those issues was those two AC failure codes. The firmware update really helped. I am presently running my entire home on my two AC300 and four B300 in split phase since last week. We were hit by Hurricane Fiona, we were without power for eight days, and I decide to go fully offline with 2.4 kW of solar power coming in per hour. We use an average of 2 kW per hour, so I have ordered 800 W of more photovoltaic panels and will order two more B300 batteries soon. The AC300 setup really works!

Thanks for the encouragement. We are also running an AC300 system full time. But we must bypass and connect to alternative power when leaving for more than a day because of all the shutdowns. We cannot leave the house powered by Bluetti. Last time we did we lost everything in the refrigerator.
I would probably be more comfortable with Bluetti if support wasn’t so hard to get. Days between emails, impossible to reach by phone.
Assuming the fix is new firmware, after 2 months and so many failures, not sure I could install firmware with a dead LCD.
Two weeks ago Bluetti said they would send me a replacement AC300 but still haven’t done the logistics.
Again, thanks for the encouragement. We shall see.


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Quick update.
We shipped the AC300 back to Bluetti for warranty replacement. Hopefully the new unit will be trouble free.

This is happening to me as well. AC300, a fridge and freezer, well under wattage limits, but I don’t think it is grid-related… I have mine configured to run off PV/Battery unless I hit 50% and thus far this occurs well above the 50% mark – it just happened at 64% battery.

I would like to get access to the new firmware as well to try. This has now happened 4x to me. I bought the system precisely to not loose food and it has turned out to be less reliable than simply staying on grid power.