AC300 shows allways Batteriepack2 is connected

In the app and on the AC300 display, the battery pack is always shown as
Batteryback2. It doesn’t matter whether I have an output 1 or 2
connected to the battery. In any case, it always stays on batterypack2 in the app and on the display of the AC300.
Why is that? I think this is a malfunction. What will happen if I connect a second
battery pack to the AC300, can this cause there a problem?
This AC300 has been exchanged a few weeks agfo due to a problem with the display not reacting any longer.
The new device also loses about 10% of its charge within a day when there is no sun. I just connected it to the photovoltaic panels only. In my opinion, that is way too much.
In my opinion the new device is faulty as well.
I have been in contact with company Poweroak but they do no show any reactions to my concerns since 7th of January. I issued several reminder since. May here is somebody willing to help me.


I’ll only react on the power loss problem: This is a limitation of the design of the AC300+B300 system. Replacing your unit for a different AC300+B300 will not solve this. The behavior is normal for the unit. The reason is that the internal electronics use a considerable amount of energy when it is on. If you want to save a full battery for power emergencies and have no idle power drain, you should completely turn off the unit when it is done charging.

When you want to charge using solar panels, the solar input needs to be high enough to compensate for the idle power loss. Otherwise the unit slowly eats it’s own battery charge.

I don’t know anything about the other issues. My AC300+B300 is connected via the higher battery port (Battery 01) and both on the AC300 unit as in the app it is marked as Battery 1

For whatever reason, the AC300 remembers which port a battery is initially plugged into. I have two (separate) AC300 installs and noticed this on the second unit (only one battery) when I initially plugged in the battery to the 2nd (bottom) port on the AC300. None of this matters since the 1st port (top) is still open as well as the 2nd port on the battery itself.

TheQuickfox and glc650 thanks for your support.
glc650 do I understand correctly? When you connect the batpack for the first time to the head unit at input 2 the display (and App) shows battery information of battpack2. After disconnecting the battpack and reconnect the batpack to input 1 the head untiit doesn´t care and stays on information of battpack2? It only works correctly if you have connected it for the first time to input1? Unfortunately I can´t remember which port I have had used for the first time. Is ther a factory reset function which may reolves this “feature”?

Yes, this is what I noticed with my second AC300 when I plugged in the only battery I have for it into the bottom port on the AC300. I don’t see any issues here that would warrant a factory reset. The battery still works.