Ac300 screen problem- upside down, buttons non functional

my ac300 has been up and running for a while- when i arrived today the screen was upside down! i tried restarting both it and the b300 - screen still upside down. in addition some of the buttons on the screen are non functional - for example - i can’t turn on AC or DC from the screen anymore - fortunately the app still works to turn them on and off. i can’t turn on bluetooth from the screen either. and the restore factory settings doesn’t do anything either. anyone else have this issue? ideas or suggestions? thanks

Hi @chemosabe99 , We recommend that you upgrade the firmware first. If the firmware upgrade cannot be resolved, select one click to restore the factory settings.

please describe the firmware update process. I am not able to turn on Bluetooth. thanks

Hi, please refer to the following screenshots.

here are the screen shots from my app…version 1.3.2, on android 10. my bluetooth won’t turn on (many buttons non functional on the device screen) - perhaps that is why there is no firmware upgrade option??
nonetheless, it doesn’t seem like a firmware problem to me.

and here is a picture of the actual problem

Hi @chemosabe99 , Can you please confirm if the Bluetooth and WiFi in the machine display is ON?

Sounds like they cannot get Bluetooth to turn on because the display does not work @BLUETTI , so no way to do a firmware update

wifi is on, but I cannot get bluetooth to turn on via the screen. same with ac and dc - I can’t change them from the screen any more

Maybe the buttons work in the original position? Did you try that?

i’d like to try that but they aren’t in the original position. and i can’t change them. i think i need a replacement since i can’t upgrade the firmware.

Hi @chemosabe99 , thanks for your confirmations.
Based on this, we have consulted with the technical engineer for you and ask you to contact the support department via as soon as possible to register the machine for return for repairing.
Sorry again for the inconvenience. :sob: