AC300 & Roof Solar Arrays

On Bluetti’s website it states that roof solar arrays are only applicable with AC300 systems (at least as compared to the AC200 MAX). It also says that solar expansion module is sold separately.

I don’t get it! I bought six 100 Watt Renogy rigid solar panels. What difference does it make if I put them on my house roof OR make them portable so I can take them out of storage and put them out on the ground on an “as-needed-basis” (i.e., power outage situations)?

And what is a “solar expansion module” and how much does it cost? Why can’t the solar panels simply be hooked directly into the AC300? Any help will be truly appreciated.

same questions - I emailed the company to see if they could shed some light on the Solar Expansion Module as well. We’re planning to use the AC300 to support an off-grid cabin, and are also planning on mounting panels on the roof, rather than get them out on demand. Will post here the response I get, unless someone else is able to answer!

Hi there,

Yes, AC 300 is applicable with roof solar arrays. But AC300 must work with B300.

"A solar expansion module " is B230 or B300. Here is the link:

(Sale will start at PDT 7 pm 15 September. You can buy it on Bluetti official website with an early bird price. Limited quantity, First come first serve.)

The reason why the solar panels can’t be hooked up into AC300 is that there is no battery in AC300.


Oooooohhhh, I just assumed a battery was needed period, lol, so didn’t understand why the roof solar array part mattered. Thanks for the clarification! Got the pre-order alarm set for tonight!

You can use roof solar just fine, just have to connect the wires and make sure the voltage is below the max allowed (I think 150v). The AC300 can take max of 12A per input (there are 2) so that’s a consideration too, you can exceed it, but power will be lost as the most it will take is 12A. For most full sized 60 or 72 cell roof panels, that is only 3 in series before max voltage will be exceeded.

The solar expansion module is a DC step down module that allows you to connect more panels in series up to 500V. Allowing more flexibility in hooking up roof solar panels.

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