Ac300 pv solar panel setup errori

I can’t run my solar panels in parallel. When I try to connect 2 sets together i get 0 watts, when i run separately, i get 500 wats. I created a video of what i did but don’t see how to post it.

What are you plugging them into?

AC200 has a minimum voltage. In parallel the voltage will stay at the lowest panel voltage but the current will double.

In series voltage will double.

I am plugged in an AC300


AC200 Max is 10 to 150 volt
AC300 is 12 to 150 volts

What your open voltage. Also, it will drop in hot weather, but increase in cold weather. So even if open voltage is a bit over 12 volts and it a hot day, then it won’t work. You need to go in series or a different panel.

Take a voltage meter and disconnect and measure your open voltage, if less than 12, it won’t work.

I don’t have the AC300, just the aC200Max

See 1st picture; turn PV parallel to OFF. See also 3rd picture the error code.

You don’t need it. This is only when you have > 1200W on a single string.

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What are the specs of your solar panels? Most likely you will need to run them in series (unless the open circuit voltage is more than 70 volts each). Also, as previously mentioned, turn the PV parallel mode to “off”.

Thanks, i will turn it off and sync the panels on Wednesday when I get back and let you know if it works, thanks

My problem is fixed, thanks for the help, all pannels are producing.

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