AC300 PV input show no wattage

My AC300 PV input shows no wattage coming in but voltage shows. It started when my two b300 batteries were not balancing out, b300 socket 1 at 95% and the other b300 socket 2 at 45%. So I unlocked the communication cables connected from the ac300 to the two b300s and disconnected and reconnected it in a different order, then the alarms went off with error codes 098 BMS over voltage and 103 BMS communication cables error. Then the PV wattage went to 0 and no longer took a charge though the voltage still shows normally.


  1. Please make sure the cable should be locked entirely.
  2. Please connect AC300 with one battery only to test if it is the problem with one of the B300.
  3. Please cross-check the extension cable.
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