AC300 power output turned off itself

Hello, I did a firmware upgrade, AC300 went through its thing, and it appears it failed to restore AC power output. I’m not sure if the firmware upgrade did that, or something else. I discovered this few hours later. Not a good thing when you have a freezer plugged in.

Other than safety (overheating, overcurrent, etc.), the power output should never be turned off without an automatic restore. Speaking of which, a power output on/off confirmation dialog, or a pin screen lock would be nice.

Is anyone aware of other circumstances under which I could lose AC output without an automatic restore? Would the power output come back after an extended power outage where the battery drains (i.e. utility goes out, batteries run through, utility comes back on, AC300 starts charging the battery and putting out power to the load)?

Based on my personal experience if you run the battery down to 0% both the AC and DC outputs will turn off and not come back on automatically, but I haven’t done exhaustive testing to map out the exact behavior.

In case it matters, my specific case was the custom UPS mode with a 5% cut off setting, grid charge on, and attached to AC input (limited to 11 amps). I was pulling 24 amps and it didn’t even stop at 5% - just ran straight down to 0% and turned off both outputs. I don’t have monitoring immediately after that because the raspberry pi I’m using to monitor it is powered by the DC output - I had to go out and manually turn the DC output back on. My DSP version is 4031.09, ARM version is 4032.09, and HMI version is 6029.06.

Thanks for your reply. I ended up doing run down test as well. Amazing how much this can handle. I was pulling over 20A at times. Even hit 30A draw for few sec, but I stopped it not to cause over current shutdown. It ran until 0%. When I plugged it back in, outputs never reactivated. I even waited until the battery charged up to close to 10% just to make sure.

A little concerning behavior. I guess I better get some dedicated solar panels to make sure this never discharges when I’m out of town (my solar system is all micro inverters)