AC300 per-day UPS time schedule

The UPS time schedule is useful for me on weekdays (significant rate difference between peak and lowest-rate hours) but not weekends (off-peak rate all day). If I use the same UPS time schedule on weekends, I would waste significant power due to the round-trip charge/discharge efficiency loss. It would be very useful to have separate per-day (or at least separate weekday/weekend) UPS time schedules on AC300. The UPS time schedule is a very useful feature, and I appreciate being able to have up to 6 time slots. Thank you for keeping improving the features!

Hi @terryl

That kinda make sense. On the weekend the usage is a whole other story than mid week. Thanks for this suggestion!



Thank you for the suggestion related to the time control mode based on the AC300. I have submitted it to the technical team

Thank you very much! It’s wonderful that Bluetti takes an active interest in suggestions!