AC300 or app bug report (time setting)

A definite bug in the system… Either the app or device firmware. How to reproduce:

  1. Set up the AC300 at home with a schedule.
  2. Travel to a different time zone and use the app (Android for me) to view the status of the ASC300.
    This causes the time of the AC300 to change to the time zone of where the app is being run. Thus, all of the scheduled times are off for the unit.

Basically, the time is being changed to the local time of the application, not the local time of where the AC300 is physically located.

I confirmed this after a trip, the time of the AC300 was off by 2 hours. After simply connecting using the app the time was corrected.

I dont think this is necessary a bug. Its just a case where the developers dont think off.

It just seemed that the AC300 doenst contact any time server for herself. Its just checked the local time with the time that your smartphone provides to your Bluetti App and sync this time.

This can be something to do with the authentication process in the App. I know this from other systems, when time doenst match on both ends, authentication fails.

But cannot say for sure. Just want to let you know that this might be worked as aspected

I would say most likely an oversight by the developers. You can’t tell me that is the intended functionality! What good is it for a product to contain time-based schedules and the ability to check its operation from anywhere in the world, only to completely destroy those time-based functions by checking in on it?

Maybe the Devs from tthe Bluetti Team can say something regarding this issue.

@BLUETTI Any Idea on this topic?

@plang Once connected to the App, the time displayed by the phone is synchronized to the machine. I have given feedback to the tech team. Thanks for your feedback.

I would say that if the connection is over Bluetooth, then their assumption to sync the time would be correct. However, if the connection is via IoT, then time should not be synched automatically.

@plang I will feedback on your request and let you know immediately if there are any updates.