AC300 not Starting - B300 blinking

Today my AC300 isn’t starting. After pressing the Power-button of the AC300 the Power-button kept off and the Power-button on the B300 blinks 7 times, then lights for 2 seconds, then it is blinking again. This repeats a few times. After 2 Minutes the Power-Light on the B300 went also off and stays off.

Any Ideas?

Hi @d.hed

Have kinda the same. When you Unit is outside and its really cold, they wont start charging until the Batteries warm up again.

LifePo4 dont charge under 0 degrees celcius.

Is your unit outside?


EDIT: Just see its not related to charging, only turn on… Have you checked the cable connections from B300 to AC300? Can you turn on B300 as standalone Unit?

Hi @Selfmadestrom Erik,
thank you for advice.

Yes, it was cold in the garage but not under 3 to 4 degrees celsius.
The B300 is empty and needs to be charged.
I took both AC300/B300 into the house and tried to load it after 6 hours of “warming up”- but it is still just blinking.
How long do you think is necessary to get them warm enough and up again?

The AC300-B300-cable was checked and seams o.k.
Is the B300 deep discharged? What can I do in this case? Could the B300 be loaded directly by 12V input in this case?


@d.hed If the B300 blinks 7 times, it is recommended that you contact after-sales support for repair.

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