AC300 Not powering up?

Hello all, just setting up my system. Have an AC300 which has no life in it at all. Holding the power button when plugged into either the Mains supply or Solar panel has no effect.

I do have the AC300 plugged into a B300 battery pack and when I apply power to the AC300 the power comes on in the B300 but not the AC300.

Has anyone seen this issue, and is there a solution? At present I’ve the Solar Panels connected to the AC300, which is connected to the B300 and the batteries appear to be charging, well indicate 80% charged first time doing this so not sure how long it’ll take to get to 100%

Hello, since today I have the same problem. The system has been running for two days and today a beep and then the AC300 was dead. However, the B300 can be switched on and off via the AC300.
There are no solar panels connected, it is currently only intended to serve as a UPS.

Thanks for your response, and sorry you’ve hit the same issue. My unit is new so emailed about it and see what comes back. They’re kinda slow but I’ll let you know how I get on.

Call or write to the Bluetti service department. They can help you. If the AC300 is still under warranty, they can arrange a replacement.

The system is running again. The fault was in the connection cable between AC300 and B300, which was not properly locked. After reconnecting the cable, the system started up again without any problems.

That was a fast solution.