AC300 not charging via AC cord

I’ve been charging with solar successfully for a couple months, but after weeks of dark cloudy rainy weather I tried to plug in to wall outlet to charge. It will not charge. First I thought it was an extension cord issue so I took it to a wall outlet and nothing. Tried a different outlet and nothing. It just doesn’t charge.

Hi @lisablueslover , sorry for inconvenience.
There are the following questions to reconfirm with you.

  1. Can your B300 battery be charged properly?
  2. Does the machine have a record of error reporting? You can look at the error record: display-data-alarm history

There’s no error reporting. And it charges fine with the solar panels. Just not the grid.

Hi @lisablueslover , AC port charging with adapter, the machine should be turned on first.
If it has been turned on, there is a green light still can not be charged. Then the adapter should be faulty. We suggest you contact the support team via to replace the adapter. Thank you.

I am having similar issues with 1 of my B300’s I have 2.
1 of my B300’s I can charge with all 3
a-AC200max connector cable
b-XT90 Solar input
c-58v AC Brick
My other B300 will not charge via option C = 58v AC powered Brick. I see on the port that there is a small hole “possibly reset this port? but I have not read anything to do so yet online”

Hi, did you find a workaround for B300’s AC charging issue with the brick? I have the same problem out of box.