AC300 - new download for IOT firmware available (v9014.12)

Today I saw for the first time an available downoad for AC300 firmware - without special request / demand.
For IOT component there is firmware version 9014.12 available - currently installed 9014.10
I much appreciate this approach
However I would like to get some information about change log.

Does anybody know about details ?

@BLUETTI I already suggested in another thread to publish such information either in this forum - or even better on public web site. Version / release +change log. I think this is best practise for good customer service.
I highly recommend to take a look at vendor AVM ( on how they perform such a service. In my views this is a very good reference.


Indeed. Being a pessimist I am always nervous doing firmware updates and a change log would be handy when weighing up the risk vs rewards


I have noticed that the Bluetti app will only show and allow firmware updates when the AC300 is access under Bluetooth, not under WiFi. So for all you AC300 owners, use the Bluetooth icon to access each AC300, then see and apply any firmware updates. Then remember that the AC300 will disconnect for a few seconds while the firmware is applied after pressing the “Start” button.


There is always a small risk that a firmware update fails to install correctly. And this usually requires hands-on service by a Bluetti technician. A few months ago there was a technical problem with the Bluetti app updating the AC200Max firmware and this caused many AC200Max devices to require factory service to restore them.
So if you want to update your firmware, it may be the safest option to wait a bit and see if any issues come up in the forums during the next few weeks.

Also, don’t update your firmware if your device works fine and you are in critical need of your Bluetti to be available. For example, if it is your only power source or as backup power for medical devices.


Yes my biggest concern is bricking it and having to freight it back to Sydney (from Adelaide)

I (think) I have sorted the max SoC issue and will test the low SoC grid charge again soon as Winter is on its way down under. I can work around this manually so no real urgency.

@FrankH This update has some optimizations for MQTT connections.
BLUETTI firmware update does not have change log display. System updates are generally bug updates or add new features, and in general are pushed to improve the user experience.
Thank you in advance for your kind understanding.

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Thanks @BLUETTI for the information

Sounds like the new firmware is targeting the WIFI connectivity issue between the mobile app and the AC300
Exactly this kind of information I would like to get more proactively und in some level of detail (bugs solved, features added or enhanced, etc.). I don’t mean a log display on the AC300 itself - but a publication in this forum or ona kind of “service/support” area on the Bluetti product site


@BLUETTI - are there any firmware updates for the AC200MAX? Seems a long time since the last one.

@dr_torch If there is a big difference in the power display of your AC200MAX, we will have new firmware. But without this problem, it is not recommended to update to the latest firmware. :)