AC300 multimeter readings


Using an EU 230Volts version of AC300. I plugged a few devices, including a non-grounded LED lamp for the garden.

I noticed it remains slightly illuminated even when turned off. I flipped it and got the same result. Last time I observed this was when I messed up its connection to the grid and swapped the live and neutral wires.

Using the multimeter, I was surprised to read 120V between Neutral and Gnd, while L and Gnd read about 110Volts.

How can I understand this properly?

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Connect multi meter the L and neutral give you 230v no?

Just a guess. I am in the US not in the Eu.
From a website i read.

The EUROPEAN 230V (50Hz) supply consists of 3 wires like the US. 1-hot, 1-neutral, and 1-safety ground. 230V (50Hz) is obtained between the hot and neutral lead.

Yes indeed.
My observation is that N and Gnd are at 120V instead of 0V like the grid has.

Hi, thanks. Well indeed if one is + 120 and the other -110 the 230V is obtained.
I’m just surprise that it’s not « like the grid » in the sense that « normally » there is no voltage between N and Gnd.

Sound like you have a hot neutral. That is something that need to be fix. I held back from buying my ac200max (CAN) until I got confirmation it was fixed. When I receive my unit, I did a quick test with ohm meter and all is kosher.

The code here do not allow neutral and ground bonding anywhere, except one place, your main panel only. Otherwise you can get current flow where one shouldn’t. Try testing with a volt meter to see if any metal part you can find has a bit of voltage flowing. If so, it need to be fixed. Safety issue.

The US/CAN version, the 30 amp plug on the AC200MAX neutral and ground was reversed in the wiring. I believe, it was an issue with the 200p and even the Brand EchoFlow units had the same issue in the beginning.

I stand corrected, I belive the fix was not replacing the harness, but a firmware change on the invertor??? As per pictures I have seen, the color code of the wire wasn’t changed or tagge properly. Indicating cable wasn’t replaced.

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I would check what firmware version you are on. I have been working with Bluetti Engineering on another issue and they granted me access to a unreleased firmware to test… it actually ended up making my neutral hot… so this highlights that software can control the polarity of the cables.

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Hey thanks, so I’ll contact the support stating this “hot neutral” technical term.
Keep you posted!