AC300 MPPT Inputs

I am new to solar and purchased the AC300 thru a reseller. I have (6) 200watt panels connected in series to one of the two MPPT inputs (DC1) on my AC300 (1200watts). I was told by the reseller that this is the max solar input that I can add to the system even thou the system is rated for 2400 watts input. Just wanted to confirm that indeed I can add another 1200 watts of solar to the system using the second set of input cables (DC2) on the AC300.(Total 2400 watts)

Rich Solar MEGA200 - 200 watt panels
Voc - 24.3 amps
Vmp 20.4 volts

System is working great here in Florida (AC300 + (2) B300 batteries, Just wanted to add more panels and more batteries.

@Captain Hi, each port circuit can take up to 150 volts, so you can connenct up to 7 pannels to each port.

Thanks so much for confirming the total solar input on my AC300. I plan on adding 6 more panels and two more B300 batteries.