AC300 metering - some observations

There were a number of postings here in the forum complaing about the metering. One advise is to drain the battery to 0% on a regular basis (every few month) and recharge in order to get a recalibration of the meter

In my day to day operations of by AC300 with a single B300 I got some observation:
Once this PV input is lower that approx 95W the battery is not in “charging” but in “standby” mode.

So what happens to the delta of Watts having in mind the self consumption (which is somewhere between 20W and 50W - depending on AC/DC on/off)??

To me it looks like that the battery is charging anyway but this is NOT refelected accurately by the meter.

The load percentage does not move - UNTIL the PV load sometime exceeds the level of 95W.

Imaging there are some hours of PV load unter 95W (which happens here in Germany often in particular in winter times or due to bad weather conditions).

Let say there are 5 hours with PV load lower than 95W and around 40W of self conumption. This means: 2x50W = 250W of PV load not covered by the meter.
After these 5 hours the PV loads is going beyond 100W and the battery is in “charging” mode.
In that case the load percentage might run upwards surprisingly (5-10% in y very short period of time)

This is basically what I observed

@BLUETTI any comments on that?

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@FrankH When multiple B300 and AC300 are connected, the battery voltage will become the same.
But the individual battery pack will have a difference in calculating soc, which leads to different soc values. soc can not indicate a good or bad battery, and the battery life is mainly related to the battery voltage.

@BLUETTI sorry, but from understanding your answer does not address my question. The question is regarding the calculation of the load capacity and some “jumps” while loading after some time of low level PV input (lower than this certain threshold of ~95W) . In my case we are talking about a single B300.

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Sorry for the confusion caused by the above answer.
100w,is the threshold for our machine to show whether it is charging or standby and does not clearly indicate whether it is actually charging the battery.
As long as there is charging power AC300 will charge B300, there will not be no coverage.

Love you guys and your products, but man would an American support center really help all of us.
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@contem4 BLUETTI’s Vegas branch offers telephone service in English. What language barrier are you referring to?

Which phone number would that be? Nobody ever answers any calls on the phone numbers listed on the website. Has anyone here actually gotten thru to the Vegas support center???

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