AC300 like in "A Caddy 300" + Testing PV200

Our van is charging nicely in today’s beautiful winter sun.
It’s the perfect occasion to test the real life perf of a PV200 with good conditions… (first very sunny day in weeks really!)

We tried different angles, obviously the low sun makes 60° ideal.
Testing a 400W rooftop panel side by side with the PV200 gave good results:

  • Longi 405 gives 220W with 60° angle, noon sun, clear sky.
  • PV200 gives 116W using the exact same setting.

The rooftop panel produces 55% of its maximum capacity.
PV200 outputs exactly the same in similar, ideal conditions.
Comparing this no “no-name” (Jingyang) 100W TFE panels bought on Aliexpress, Bluetti clearly wins.
My husband tested the Jingyang in full summer sun, ideal angle, clear sky… he never managed to get more than 60% while the rooftop panels reached 100%.
Bluetti’s PV200 is acing this test.

With a sub-optimum angle, rooftop panels still perform better:

  • at 25°, rooftop 400W panel drops to 110W. Roughly 25%.
  • at 25°, PV200 drops to 30W, which is about 15%.

However, PV200 comes with a 45° kickstand. This is probably the best compromise. And honestly, with the car behind, it’s easy to tilt it to 60°.
Very happy of our PV200!

Oh and that keychain… nifty way to store the music we like, and wear the Bluetti colors proudly!
Thanks for the PV200 and 32GB stick shaped after an AC200MAX @BLUETTI :blue_heart:


@Chrissie Detailed sharing! Thank you for your review of PV200. :sun_with_face: :sun_with_face:
I hope the BLUETTI souvenirs will bring you a pleasant experience.^^

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Love that USB too^^ Such a great idea

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