AC300 - IoT controller issues

Hi all. I’ve got 2 x AC300’s that will eventually be setup in dual-phase (if I ever get answers from @BLUETTI, but I digress). The units were delivered separately. I was able to setup the 1st unit with no issues, all firmware updated, wifi/bluetooth working, mobile app connects just fine (most of the time).
Followed the same setup process for the 2nd unit when it arrived. I connected via BT, added the unit, and kicked off ARM and DSP firmware updates, which are now the same versions as the first unit. However, the IoT firmware did not update. It is still on v9014.9 while the 1st unit immediately updated to v9014.10. I didn’t think anything of it at first until I experienced consistent issues configuring / connecting over wifi from the app. On the rare occasion that I can connect, the session quickly times out, forcing me back to BT connection. Naturally I’m pointing at the IoT Firmware as a potential cause of the issues, but I can’t figure out how to force it to update. I’ve done a factory reset, unbind/bind to app, power reset(s), etc. This is a remote site, so having wifi is critical.
Any thoughts?

@bluettrified Two AC300s in dual firewire mode, then control a host will be fine.
Can you provide me with the SN codes of both machines? I can ask the engineer to check it for you

Good to know its not an issue once the units are bonded (assuming the working unit is “Master”), but i’d prefer to have both units at the same firmware levels (and functioning as expected) before I add to split phase.

The problematic unit is AC3002144001252244 ← Purchased directly from
Other (working) unit is AC3002228000800818 ← Purchased from a retailer


@BLUETTI, anything? :zzz:

@bluettrified I have submitted it to the relevant software engineer and there is no answer yet based on the WiFi issue. I will let you know once I have an answer.