Ac300 inverter overhead

just got my new ac300 and b300 into the field. : )
really nice upgrade over the ac200 - I have it powering my starlink dish 24/7 so I can pull up the state of the system remotely.
starting at 99 % yesterday at 3pm, it’s been drawing 47 -65 watts on the ac side . in 17 hours it’s down to 50 % soc. so it’s used about 1500 wh in 17 hours, or about 88wh per hour, drawing about 50-55 watts for the internet dish. that leaves about 35w for the inverter overhead, in case anyone is wondering.

Thanks. That’s fairly consistent with the general consensus that these inverters usually consume about 1% of battery life per hour (in other words, discharging at a C rate of about 0.01 just by being in standby).

Wait a minute… I though the inverter overhead is more of a minimum power level, not something in addition to the load.

Are we saying it consumes an additional 35w overhead, or there is a minimum 35w usage for the inverter?

The overhead is the power required to power up the inverter with no load.

So it is in additional then. Even if I am running a 1000w load, it will still add 35w so 1035w total.

yes, but it’s more noticeable with low constant loads and longer times. with a high load like 1000w, since you are only drawing for a short period of time, it’s negligible. but if you forget and leave AC on, without a load, it will draw down over time - probably down to 70-75% over 24 hours, from 100.

Yes if the inverter overhead was 35 watts. That sounds high to me. The unit itself consumes power just being turned on and then additional power is required to power up the AC inverter, the regulated DC output and the fans as well when they come on. I would say 15 to 18 watts just for the inverter would be close

well, we could do a test - just power it on after a full charge without DC or AC, and check in 24 hours. and then repeat with AC on. my test did not have DC on, but bluetooth was on, and wifi was on. should have turned bluetooth off since i’m not there…

It seems like the AC200/max/300 unit has a lot higher idle consumption then the smaller EB55/70 units. My EB70 hardly loose any charge on standby state (AC/DC off). Though I guess there is very little for the unit to be on there. There is no wifi/display or anything else.

A 3000 watt inverter will eat a lot more standby power than a 700 watt inverter of a EB55/EB70. Size matters, so to speak.

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