AC300 in a camper vs vibrations

My AC300 has spent some time recently in the car as it’s been a “mobile toolshed” for the past 2 months. Even though it’s turned off when the car’s moving, I wondered, how sturdy are the units, and how well can AC300 tolerate vibrations from a moving car? If not designed for that, I’ll certainly like to know before damaging my unit!

I don’t have an answer to your primary question but some side notes:

  1. Make sure the AC300 and the battery are positioned upright when moving.
  2. You can protect the units from shocks and vibrations by placing it on a thick and stiff foam support.
  3. Make sure the units cannot fall over from forces like braking or tight turns.
  4. Make sure that any protection you apply does not block the vents when the unit is on or charging.
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Hi @Derceto

i think the most parts are protected against vibrations. The plugs are mostly glued inside the powerstation, so they dont fall off.

As @TheQuickFox already mentioned, i would go with somekind of foam that you put under the powerstation to remove it. You also can use a rubber mat. The only thing you shoud be aware of is, that the foam dont should be to soft. The powerstation is heavy and when its too soft the underside of you AC300 can be really hot while in use



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As heavy as these thing are, you might have some flying projectile worries if it’s not strapped down or othwise secure, during a crash. Just sayin.’

Other than the fans there are no moving parts inside. Pretty sure Bluetti built most of their product line with the idea of taking them on camping trips or outings. I saw a teardown video of the AC500 and a lot of components are covered with some kind of epoxy or whatever, to secure them in place. I’ve seen that on other electronics, especially on mobile gear like CB and Ham radios.


AC300 can withstand vibration, but it is not recommended to charge the AC300 or carry a loaded device while the vehicle is in motion.
Prolonged vibration may cause the socket to loosen.

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hello, thanks for the reply - do you mean it’s recommended to leave the unit turned off, and not recharge it during motion, avoid motion while the unit is under AC/DC load? Or do you mean we shouldn’t move a unit whose battery is fully loaded?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Cool, great info there. Indeed, projectile worries are an element on the checklist too… as well as… grounding the roof panels properly :slight_smile: Can’t afford the van to catch fire… :slight_smile:

thanks, that deserves additional strengthening on my end indeed…

Good pint. I’m now using the foam that was used in the AC’s box, it’s sturdy, not too soft, and seems to do the trick.

I have actually taken apart a failed AC300 and it is well built. The covers are screwed on, and the frame has many bolts holding it all together, even with the two huge aluminum heat sinks(one on the front and one on the back). All the small wire connectors are snap-in and tight, and the larger wires are screwed in and tight, with some epoxy goop to prevent loosening. The wires are wrapped in bundles with plastic zip ties. The various circuit boards are all screwed in, including three under the top cover (two wireless chargers and one junction board) and several behind the front cover.

In another post I included the official Bluetti YouTube video of an AC300 teardown. I found it again on YouTube
and here it is:

So, watch the video and see for yourself how sturdy it is built. It can withstand movement while off, but I (and Bluetti) don’t recommend moving it while operating.

We have an AC300 and two B300s installed in the rear of our converted school bus. They continually charge from 1750W of solar and rarely drop below 80% while we are driving. Each component is sitting on a Harbour Freight Kneeling Pad ( and then strapped to the floor. We have driven all around the country for over a year with no vibration issues. But your millage may vary.

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Your first understanding is correct. Kindly no worries that batteries can be moved.

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Thanks, this isn’t constraining then :-)

Good idea, kneed pads are rigid enough but great against vibrations. Getting some of those ASAP.

BTW, I’d love to see your school bus :slight_smile:

I’ve had my AC300/2xB300 in my sprinter van for a couple seasons now, a few thousand miles. No problems. I did place them on 1" thick firm foam packing sheet to absorb vibrations and bumps.