AC300 ignores SOC low setting (but not SOC high)

I have an AC300 hooked to one B300. When I set the SOC Battery High and Low settings, the high is honored, but the low one is always ignored, and the battery runs down to 0% and shuts off. Anyone else seeing this?

I have the AC300 set to Customized UPS, Time Control Disabled, Grid Charge Enabled, Battery SOC High at 85%. I’ve tried setting SOC Low to 5%, 15%, 20%, 30%, 50% and more and they all get ignored.

I have the same issue with my AC300, has anyone come up with a solution ?

in my understanding AC300 only stops AC and DC output in case of reaching lower SOC level. If system is still powered on the battery gets drained due to self consumtion. A few hours later the battery is empty for sure. My observation is that the system consumes about 20W per hour - with DC and AC disabled. If DC or AC is enabled the consumption is raising towards 50W/h - without any load. This means roughly 1-2% of battery per each hour.

Thanks for the response @FrankH My AC300 does not shut off the AC load at low SOC setting, that is the problem. Also the idle consumption with AC invertor, WIFI, and Bluetooth turned on is 67 watts. I did a 24 hour no load test with two different watt meters on the AC grid input, it used 1.6 kwh.