AC300 idle consumption very different on 2 units.

I bought 2 refurbished AC300’s directly from Bluetti on eBay a few weeks ago. I’ve been trying to test them before my return period ends I was testing the idle consumption on both and found that I have to leave one of the outputs on otherwise they turn off automatically. To use the least amount of power I leave the DC output on. During the test period one oglf the units has dropped 8% more than the other. I did the calibration and am seeing basically the same result. Any ideas? I’m assuming one of the batteries may have a bad cell.


@bluetti_foltz61gmailcom That means you have two systems, AC300+B300 and another set like that? If the AC300 is on standby and without any operation for 4 hours, it will be switched off automatically. I suggest that you can load a device with the battery separately to test if the capacity is normal.

Thanks for the suggestion, but the units turning off isn’t the problem.

@bluetti_foltz61gmailcom If one system consumes more power than the other under the same conditions, I mean you can test the capacity of the batteries.

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