AC300 Home Back-up - Grounding

Hello Bluetti Community!

I want to set up my AC300 as home back-up through a transfer switch. Reading through other posts, a neutral switching transfer panel such as the Reliance X series would be the proper switch to separate the neutrals between the house grid and the AC300.

For portable generators connecting to a switched neutral transfer switch, the NEC classifies this as a Separately Derived System, which requires (a) a bonded generator and (b) connecting the generator to a grounding rod. I could not find an exception for battery/inverters.

Since the AC300 is a floating neutral generator, I could can use bonding plug to bond neutral and ground.

To meet the second requirement, portable gas generators would have a grounding nut to connect to a grounding rod. But the AC300 has no attachment for grounding to earth, and, of course, it is a plastic case. Any suggestion how to meet this requirement?

Hi bgm1976,

I responded to your other comment on this subject on the other thread. Let me know if you have further questions.