AC300 Home Back-up - Grounding

Hello Bluetti Community!

I want to set up my AC300 as home back-up through a transfer switch. Reading through other posts, a neutral switching transfer panel such as the Reliance X series would be the proper switch to separate the neutrals between the house grid and the AC300.

For portable generators connecting to a switched neutral transfer switch, the NEC classifies this as a Separately Derived System, which requires (a) a bonded generator and (b) connecting the generator to a grounding rod. I could not find an exception for battery/inverters.

Since the AC300 is a floating neutral generator, I could can use bonding plug to bond neutral and ground.

To meet the second requirement, portable gas generators would have a grounding nut to connect to a grounding rod. But the AC300 has no attachment for grounding to earth, and, of course, it is a plastic case. Any suggestion how to meet this requirement?

Hi bgm1976,

I responded to your other comment on this subject on the other thread. Let me know if you have further questions.

Someone on youtube addressing the grounding issue. Emergency Home Heating With The Bluetti AC200P Power Station & PV350 Solar Panel. - YouTube