AC300 errors. Is the unit dead?

I am getting these errors. The batteries nor the AC300 will charge. I have rebooted the device - in fact, it was 100% dead, so completely rebooted. It only stays on with active input, but it won’t charge (you’ll note it’s pulling 0 watts from the generator).

Looks like I can only upload one image, so I’ll do the panel.

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Hi @Mindflayer

Sorry for the problems.
Pls contact our customers service at for a replacement.

I would suggest double checking to verify the cables and connectors are fully plugged in and snapped together correctly

Yup, checked the cables.

Im thinking it’s the power control unit in the AC300. Trying to charge the batteries in the meager sun we have today. See what I get.

I have the exact same issues with my unit. I tried connecting it to my 200W panel and no input power. also tried connecting it with the included AC charge cable to AC300 and nothing. i got a T500 AC adapter and tried charging the B300 direct without connecting it to the AC300 and still no charge.

Also I cant clear the errors. is there a complete reboot or reset procedure that isn’t listed in the manual. I’m hoping I can do some kind reset and not need to send it back.

Hi @berns00,

Sorry for your problem.
What’s your error code?

my screen shows exactly as the photo above in this thread

  1. ,016. ,054. 081. ,103.

This problem is consistent with not having the cables from AC300 to B300 fully secured (including locking in place). But I assume other causes are possible as well. Just to confirm – you not only firmly attached the cable but also locked it? (Come to think of it, a bad cable is also a possibility.)

For what it’s worth, Bluetti wants me to ship back my AC300 and a B300.

Yes from the beginning I made sure the cables were fully inserted and locked in. since then I disconnected and reconnected 20 times to make sure.

I have the same issues. Problem is I have 8 B300s and most are dead. Who has time to ship all of this stuff back? Are they at least sending a courier service? I just contacted them. This is madness.

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Hi @berns00,

For these error code, pls provide the bar code of your B300 to our customers service at My colleague will reply to you asap.

You need to send the bar code and information requested by Bluetti to the customer service contact that they sent you above. This is a forum for Bluetti and not their customer service.