AC300 does not start anymore

Hi there,
I have an AC300 and B300 combo that worked fine in the last months. Now the system does not start anymore - after pressing the on/off button, just the B300 starts up. The AC300 remains dead (dark display). I have checked the cable between AC300 and B300 and put also attention that the secondary lock is in the locked position. Also AC loading (230V) nor DC loading (PV in) does not work anymore. Any hints for me to check?



  1. You can change the extension cable to test if it works.
  2. Disconnect AC300 and check if the B300 can be charged and discharged normally. If yes, there is no problem with B00. AC300 needs to be repaired.

Hi @Poweru
To add something: Is it only the display that is dark or the metal “on Button” too? If the button is light up and you use the Bluetooth connection or Wifi with you AC300, check if its might turn on and its just a broken display instead of the whole unit.


Hi @Selfmadestrom & BLUETTI_CARE,
Thanks for your help.
Meanwhile I was able to borrow a T500 charger from a friend. I charged the B300 - and after connecting both components, the AC300 started up normally! Looks like the B300 battery was completely drained. Although I’m happy that the system works again, I’m somehow disappointed that the System does not start up with a drained battery while connected to the grid via the AC300.

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Thanks for your update.