AC300 default AC draw

I was reading the manual for the AC300 and saw the default AC current draw is 15 amps.

Since many of use will be using the AC300 with 15 amp circuits, that does not seem right. The National Electric Code dictates that any appliance that can plug in and run for three hours or more should draw no more than 80% of the circuit’s capacity. That means the default AC power draw on the AC300 should be 12 amps.

People are going to be tripping circuit breakers very frequently with a 15 amp draw.

Except that most people have 20 amp circuits and in the event they only have 15 amp circuits the default draw can be lowered

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That’s why on the AC 300 you can change the rate at which it charges. Check out the Hobotech video and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Thanks for the responses. The hobotech video shows exactly where to go to reduce the power draw. Now I just need to get the password from Bluetti.

Hi Mike,

I have sent you the password by message, please kindly check.

Thanks! Got it. Will be reducing amps in as soon as I get the unit and will not share the password.

i will need the password too - planning on back up charging with a propane generator at times - the output is only 1600 watts, so will need to lower the ac300 somewhat. thanks

Wondering why the password is a secret?

Doubting it’s a “secret” as much as they don’t want people blowing circuits thinking “faster is better” and setting it to 20-30 amps even with a standard 20A circuit which should be limited to 16.

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Hi Scott,

It is not a secret. IF anyone wants it, please email Posting it on the internet is not recommended. Because some people who might not know and are unfamiliar would adjust by themselves when they see the secret, it is possible to damage their devices, even to an accident.


The AC300’s AC charging rate can be adjusted between 10-30A. It would be good if the lower range can be extended down to say 5-6A. That way, those of us with an 110V AC source that cannot supply 10A (~1200w) can also charge this unit. Examples would include smaller generators 800-1000w, or car alternator through an inverter. The optional T500 will use about 5A, so there is no need to lower than that, but currently, there is a gap between 5-10A.

I hope this can be implemented in a future firmware update.

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I think that is not correct… or at least not clearly spelled out in the documentation.
You’d be correct that we’d be blowing a lot of breakers.

This is how the EP500 Works:
The 15A setting limit only applies when charging from a generator using the generator charging cable.

When charging from a wall plug I get about 500 watts.

The manual control only allows a range of 10-30A. I would love the ability to turn it down even more, say 6-30A. That way, those of use with lower power AC such as small generator can charge using the AC adapter. Lower than 5A isn’t needed as the optional AC brick will do that.

Hi, Just joined!

I’ll need the password as well. I sent email, but haven’t heard back.

Also, I need to purchased the “AC Charging cable for split phase” but, again haven’t heard back on email. Call call went unanswered… must be busy.

Can anyone please help?

Thanks in advance

Is there a place online to order the cable? I can’t find it.