AC300 DC-in 4-pin aviation connector?

I’ve seen people point to the Weipu SA20 series for the DC-out connector on the AC300. I’m looking to do something a little custom with DC-in. It looks like the SA20 series has a 4-pin variant that might fit, but I can’t find any place to buy small quantities. The HE21 connector I found on Amazon ( looks pretty close. But I thought I’d ask if anybody has found something that fits well before I try ordering that.



Did you try Aliexpress China’s Amazon? I found some there.
Good Luck.

I did try AliExpress, but only found male plugs. After seeing your note (thanks!), I searched a little more deeply and found some female SA20 4-pin plugs. I should get them within a month. After I get them, I’ll try to remember to post again about whether they fit or not.