AC300 clock drift


Not exactly sure when it started (probably 2~3 months ago) but my my three AC300s don’t keep the time anymore and keep gradually shifting forward (at varying rates). Typically, after a month, they are anywhere between one to three minutes ahead of the actual time.

All three AC300s are connected to WiFi and have functioning Internet (“cloud”) connections.
I thought they would be using something like NTP for timekeeping under these circumstances but that does not seem to be the case.
Turning off and the re-enabling Wifi and logging back to the network does NOT reset the clocks.
The only way to sync them back up to actual time is by logging in using the App, via Bluetooth.

I have been using these AC300s for over half a year and don’t recall this to be a problem in the first 3~4 months so not sure what happened.
The inverters are from different batches (Serial numbers 2141…, 2142… and 2145…) and have different firmware combinations so I don’t think that is the issue.

Grateful for any insight.
Thank you.

@gbk Let me confirm the issue with the technical department and I’ll let you know if there are any updates.

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@gbk According to the reply from the technical department, this problem does exist, and the solution as you mentioned. There is no further solution.


Thanks for the feedback.

That is slightly disappointing.
Would it be possible to implement NTP / network time sync in the firmware? It is something the cheapest IoT gadgets have these days.
Never occurred to me that a high-end device like the AC300 would not.
Would be curious to know now if the AC500 and the EP500/EP800/EP900 have it.

Thank you.

@gbk This is possible, the server will automatically synchronize information in the future. The APP department is still doing testing.