AC300 charging question/issue?

Hi All,

I just received my AC300 + 2 xB300 yesterday and have it up and running.

One issue I have a question about, and if anyone else has seen or solved this.

When I started charging from the AC input it looks to work fine… about 1700 w AC input bringing the 2xB300 from about 62% to 98%. But, it doesn’t top out at 100% it is staying at 98% AND the AC input is remaining at 1700W. I have no loads on the output. If I can’t solve this the AC300 will just continually draw 1700W full time!

Help please if you can.

Some of the posts says you should discharge the batteries to zero, then charge them to 100%. Try it and tell what happens.

Thanks, I’ll give it a try

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Is it actually drawing 1700w? Or is the display wrong? I am somewhat surprised at the number of issues people are reporting given that the unit just started to arrive.

It was actually drawing 1700w, I put the ac supply in a wattmeter just to be certain.

The good news, is that after cycling the batteries it appears to be working just fine now.

And as a byproduct, I also did verify that it supplied 2900W continuously no problem during the entire discharge.

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I just received 2 AC300 and 2 B300. I connected the charge chord and plugged it into the outlet. The batteries arrived at about 60% soc each. The batteries charged quickly until it reached about 96% then it took longer to achieve a higher percentage. I left it and monitor using the app and about an hour or 2 later both were at 100%. My experience is I did not need to discharge or do anything other than just plugged it in for charging.

My issue is I cannot use the app to connect to either Ac300 using wifi. Bluetooth is working fine. That is I tried to connect at a longer distance than Bluetooth allows but it would not connect. The AC300 menu says both Bluetooth and wifi are connected/enabled. The firmwares were all updated and the units powered off and back on before I tried the wifi. Has anyone got the wifi working? The unit does not provide any information on wifi status, such as ssid connected, signal strength etc. the app just allows for entering the ssid and password but does not say connected etc.

I was able to connect using wifi now. No documentation on the app usage. On the app bottom for each bluetti system selection shows online or connect. The connect has a Bluetooth icon symbol next to it. The online has the wifi icon signal next to it. Tap the connect word to connect using Bluetooth since it has the Bluetooth icon. To connect using wifi, tap the online word since it has the wifi symbol. All along I thought you tap connect and it would find its way, wifi or Bluetooth.