AC300 charged by generator

I should have read the entire thread before responding.
Looks like everyone is saying that your gas generator may not be putting out the correct voltage
Can you measure this with a voltmeter?
I’m still worried about your 1% state of charge
Nobody commented on that!
I had a brand new Yetti Goal Zero that cost $4000 that I couldn’t get to charge because it went down to zero without ever being turned on!!!
The tech team said it clearly states to leave it plugged into ac charging when not in use for long periods of time!
We are going to have a lot of boat anchors!!!

Why “boat anchors”? Bluetti and Yetti power stations are reusable and can be resold. Just offer them on eBay and other websites or in your local paper ads. I have a used EB55 and plan to resell it someday.

I contacted Yeti several times
Best they could do is change battery for $2000
I couldn’t find anyone that repairs them…. and I spent many days searching and calling dozens of companies…… no one repairs these units
Thus…… boat anchors

I find the lack of repair for your Yeti unusual. Maybe no professional tech wants to risk damaging the Yeti but if possible, contact a tech training school and offer a reward (as payment) to any student who can fix the Yeti. Some students are fearless and will do it just to learn how it was built and how it works. Or just donate it for the same purpose. If the internal battery cells need replacement, the tech school has a better chance to find and get them.

My Dad who had used cars found a mech school near our home and learned that the students could do many auto repairs almost for free. So he offered to lend his cars for training, and gets the needed repairs done for less than a professional mechanic. It was a win for both sides!

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This thread reminds me to try my crappy inverter generator with my power brick. Its a modifyed sine wave and the signal might be too noisy for the power brick to accept it. Btw i can never get through to a live person at bluetti either but when i have left a voice mail and emailed them i got a reply within 24 hours each time.

So I didn’t read this whole thread… just a warning if I repeat anything.

Generators, no matter if they are gas or not need to be tuned for the expected load. Yes they work straight out of the box, however if you want to run sensitive electronics such as the AC300 you should have a pure sign wave inverter or one that is very close… but that still doesn’t mean that under load your generator is going to produce 120v/240 voltage at 60 hertz.

Let me give an example.

Let’s take a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) device. This UPS will monitor the incoming AC not only for a hot connection, but also the quality of the power coming in. If the UPS sees that the incoming voltage or frequency (hertz) is out of threshold it will default it’s internal battery to deliver power to the plugged in devices. If this UPS is connect to the grid power of your home, you’ll probably get a stable source of voltage and frequency no matter how much load is on the line. However if you connect this UPS to a generator if may work initially, but under heavy load (which is determined by both the load being pulled but also the capacity of the generator) the voltage or the frequency may drop or change as the generator engine spins up to full throttle.

So in short, you do not run a generator out the box, invertor or not, and expect it to run sensitive electronics. You must put your generator under load and tune your generator to produce near to 120v per leg running at 60 hertz for sensitive electronics to accept the power.

Remember that the AC300 is not only a solar generator, but by default is set to be a UPS. This means it is already monitoring the incoming power. You can use a Kill-A-Watt to verify voltage and frequency, but the generator must be under the expected load.


I have same problems with generator charging
I have a brandnew AC300 and a new Honda EU22i gas generator max. 2200 Watt
Charging the AC300 with the Honda works fine, but if plugging in some load (doesnt matter
how much Watt) AC300 stops the connection to the Honda

Is this maybe a issue on Software version or a general hardware problem?
Hand how to upddate the software. The connection via Bluetti APP works with Bluetooth,
I see softwareversions but I do not found a button to start the update in the APP

Bluetti ac300

This more than likely just means that your power from your generator is not clean. Even though you have an inverter generator is might have an issue and not be meeting the requirements to be sending 120v at 60 hertz with a sine wave. I would suggest that you take a volt meter and check the output of your generator. If you don’t have a volt meter you can get a kilowatt meter that simply plugs into the AC outlet to check the voltage and frequency (hertz)

Hi twister36
HONDA EU22i is the market leader and it is unlikely not the problem, because:

  1. See sine wave here
    Honda EU22i Stromgenerator Frequenzmessung (Teil 2/2) - YouTube

  2. The HONDA charge the AC300 without load plugin

  3. The HONDA works with the ECOFLOW DELTA PRO

  4. BLUETTI is working on a software update for that

I have a Honda 3000is and a Champion 12000 KW generators. My Champion which is not an inverter will charge my AC300, but my Honda would not until I replaced my voltage regulator (AVR).

You just said the key element. Your Honda will charge your AC300 when there is no load. However when you add a load the voltage of your generator will drop due to the demand. The voltage regulator is suppose to maintain 120v or near to it when it’s under load… it sounds like your need to adjust check your generators AVR under load or replace your voltage regulator.

Just because the Delta will charge doesn’t mean anything. That just means that the Delta is either A) willing to accept poor power, which will slowly damage it’s components or, B) has a wide range for acceptable voltage.

Thanks for your input
But “only” loading the AC300 without additional AC-Load-Plugin
also takes 1600 Watt from the Honda, and this works.
This shows that AC300 basicly accept the way of power of the Honda
This refuses your argument.

that just means under a 1600 watt load the voltage hasn’t dropped enough to be outside of the threshold allowed by the AC300.

see video attached.

Setting: max. AC-Input 7A.

If AC-Load is not pluged in in the AC300 and then plug in the grid AC-Input in

the AC300, takes in steps the power (700W, 1500W and the full 1610W)

This is also no problem for the Honda Gas-Generator (max. 9,5A) → runs well.

If AC-Load is pluged in the AC300 and then plug in the grid AC-Input in

the AC300, I saw a power peak up to 13A !!

And because of this the Honda Gas-Generator (max. 9,5A) goes itself in security switch and this goes on and on

we can here it on continiously clacking of the relay

For me it looks like the root cause is,

the 7A max. input setting will completely ignore in this mode.

What do you think?

You can download the video here:

Any update on this? I have AC300 and plan to buy a Honda EU22i Inverter Generator. Data Sheet: 12-12-2022_16-42-03 - TechSmith Screencast - TechSmith Screencast

“Will it blend”?

I purchased the Harbor Freight Predator 3500 Watt super quiet inverter generator and I have no problems with it. It normally retails for around $900.00 but if you’re patient, wait for them to issue a coupon for it and save some more money. Good luck with your set-up!

The Honda EU22i is best in class for its size. I highly recommend it.

My issue with generator charging were resolved with firmware update v4036.05 for the 230 volt EU AC300 version. Not sure if the same for 110 volt units.
If you do not have the latest firmware get it - it really solves a lot of issues.

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Have the same situation - the AC300 won’t AC charge from my generator. It shows AC input, both input voltage and input frequency, but zero AC input watts. Sometimes it clicks momentarily showing some input, but then turns off.

Have DSP version 4036.02, have no idea how to trigger firmware update if this is not the latest one. My android app won’t show Version at all, can see this item on iOS, but it won’t let me check the update.

This is all very unfortunate. We have regular blackouts in Ukraine now, I really need to charge the AC300 using my generator from time to time.

Hello Oleksiy.
I just had a blackout in Germany and was well served by my AC300.

As far as I know you need the latest firmware update 4036.05. Send screenshot with unit SN and current DSP firmware level to .

Be aware that the generator should have a clean inverter output. If the AC waveform is too unstable nothing will help. This is stated in owner manual.

For screenshot on the AC300 go to Data -Product Info-

Simply state you want the latest firmware to help with generator issues.
I received a response from Mike @

This was the contacts for me in Germany. Should be the same. You should get an email to check your app which will now perform a firmware upgrade.

Best of luck and my heartfelt wishes for a good outcome go to you.


Did you tried to connect by bluetooth to the AC300?
The option for firmware updates in settings is only available during you connected the app by bluetooth.