AC300 can not be switched ON


I bought AC300+B300.
Last week I unpacked the 2 units, connected them together, switched them on, all fine.

Yesterday I wanted to test the system.
Unfortunately the AC300 can no longer be switched on?

Interestingly, when I press the AC300 power button to turn it on, the AC300 remains dead but the B300 turns on.

I have now connected the AC adapter cable to the AC300 for charging.
The AC300 still remains dead, without any response.
The B300 turns on immediately and without any problem.

What’s the problem with AC300?
What can I do to get it started?

Thanks for any support


I had the same problem. Check the power cord going from the B300 to the AC300. There is a lock button. After I made sure of a good connection and locked both ends of cord I got mine to fire up.


Thank you so much!!!
That exactly was the problem.
It is running again. Great!


Yes, the button needs to be LOCKED before powering on.

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Thanks for the confirmation!