AC300 - can charge/discharge percentages be set for solar + ac input?

I’m hoping someone can tell me if this is possible. I have my AC300 connected to panels and to a normal wall plug-in for alternating current for charging. I have a couple of freezers plugged into the AC300. When the battery is fully charged, the load continues to draw from the AC feeding into the system from the wall. What I want is for the unit to stop drawing AC power when the battery is fully charged and change the load to the battery/solar input. If/when the battery gets down to, say, 25%, I want the unit to once again tap into the AC from the wall until fully charged. Is there a way to do this? The manual talks about various UPS modes, but it isn’t particularly clear and I’m not sure which option (if any) will work for my use case.

I created a writeup on my testing experience with the various ups ac300 settings. Here is the link.

I don’t believe what you are asking is available. To use the grid to charge up the battery to 100% and then turn off grid charging and use the inverter for output till soc is 25% and turn back on grid charge to 100%.

Standard ups setting always uses the grid power in pass through to power loads. It will switch to battery only when grid is not available. It will top battery to 100% soc.

It would be a nice option if we could use grid charging and disable grid pass through.

So i think your best option might be to use ups setting pv priority.

This option allows the grid to charge the battery to a certain percentage and stop. Reserving the remaining percentage for solar charging. Grid charging will not be started unless at or below the pv priority percentage setting.

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Here is a YouTube video from bluetti support on the smart panel. The video also talks about the ac300 ups modes.