AC300: B300 in Standy Mode - Why?

Hey everyone,

maybe someone discovered something similar and know, what i can do. Im new to the AC300 Unit.

In the App or on the display on the unit, my B300 are like 90% of their time in Standby in this season and i dont get why. My Panels that are connected to the AC300 deliever around 110W as im writing this right now and the B300 are both in standby. Its only starts charging around 120W mark.

Why is this? When there would be only like 20W income and the B300 cant charge i would say its fine but 110W for nothing seems quiet high in my opininion.

Thanks in advanced


Edit: I did all available Firmware Updates

@Selfmadestrom Hi Erik,
How many B300’s are connected to your AC300?
It will show standby if the charging current is low, it will show charging only if the current reaches a certain value.

I have connected 2x B300.

The B300 itself are blinking like they charge but the App or the Display on AC300 just say “standby”.


Well noted.
You can try connecting an extra solar panel if the OCV allows, or just connect to one B300, 100w will also show charging.
Please try the above and see if the situation improves.

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I try to connect just one of the B300. So far i can see it doesnt make a big difference if i connect just one unit or connect both. They are wired parallel so AC300 can charge B300(1) or B300(2) or if it allows both at the same time.

If it works like this, i cant change it. Just wanna make sure i dont make any mistakes.



This is a english speaking community. Would be great if you can communicate in english too so everyone can read you posts. Thanks!


I build myself a home automation via bluetooth and now can monitor if the batterys are actually charging, stay on a level or lose charge. The Batterys are in permanent standby, but the SoC still go higher. So i would assume its just some display issue. The Unit is actually charging both B300.

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