AC300 & B300 in production

AC300 & B300 in production.

And the first batch already on board!

I wish to know the exact external box dimensions of the AC300 and the B300 for the transport carrier that will ship them to my home. Thank you! My order is in the second batch.

Here are the external box dimensions of AC300 and B300
AC300: 70.5 * 51 *64cm
B300 : 73.5 *54 *57cm
Hope it helps.

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Thank you very much for that information.

How do you know what batch you’re in? I ordered as soon as I could but didn’t see in my order if I was in the first 300 batch or not.

My order number is 7323 and according to a Bluetti message I read last month, the first orders to be released were below 3000. My order will be released in November. I recommend writing an email to ask Bluetti when will your order be released.

Hi there,

Here is the shipping date for your reference.


Awesome, thank you! Appreciate the shipping information!

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